Dealing with Urinary Incontinence? Now imagine...


Leaking Underwear


Bulky Fit

Embarrassing Accidents

Introducing the “next generation”
of disposable underwear with 3D Leak Guard Technology:

Essentials 360

Now yours with the
360 Discreet Delivery Discount Service

Dear Friend,
If you’re using or have used disposable underwear for urinary incontinence,
you know they sometimes FAIL.
Unhappy buyers report:

  • “Does not stay in place... considerable leakage”
  • “Bunches up terribly, horribly uncomfortable”
  • “Paper thin, no hold”
  • “Horrific odor”

We listened and have a NEW solution for you.

Thanks to advancements in underwear material, there’s now new and better disposable underwear that gives you more security, more comfort and more freedom than ever before, all discreetly delivered to your front door at a special discount with FREE shipping forever.

It’s called Essentials 360 Freedom Plus... and for good reason. Freedom Plus is the “next generation” of disposable underwear because it gives you...

“3D Leak Guard”
technology for extra security

Freedom Plus disposable underwear is specially designed to prevent leaking. This is possible with “3D Leak Guard” technology which includes...
1) Unique 360° elastic waistband to prevent urine leakage from the back
2) Elastic shield to make sure there’s no leakage from the side
3) Secure, leak-proof cuffs to prevent leakage from the bottom

You’ll have extra security without
worrying about leaking underwear or embarrassing accidents. That’s peace of mind... day and night.

Now yours discreetly delivered to your front door at a special discount.

In addition, this new underwear advance provides...

“Fresh, Dry Super
for extra freedom.

Stay dry and fresh with an ultra-thin yet remarkable core made of imported fluff pulp and Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP).

SAP is a collection of tiny molecules strung together that can absorb 400 to 800 times their mass in liquid. Our testing showed that Freedom Plus underwear absorbed as much or more liquid and dried faster than leading brands of underwear.

What can this mean to you? The freedom to go out to dinner... to go to the movies or a play... to watch a sporting event... or to go out with friends and family without worrying about an embarrassing urinary accident. Stay dry and fresh for hours!

That’s not all. Freedom Plus
disposable underwear also gives you...

“3D Leak Guard” stops leakage

No back leakage while sleeping

No side leakage while moving

No bottom leakage
while sitting

Feel secure with maximum protection from leaks. Plus, these slim-fit disposable underwear hide so easily under your clothes, nobody has to know your secret.

Super Absorbent Polymer keeps you dry and fresh

These special molecules can absorb 400 to 800 times their mass in liquid for ultimate absorbency.

design for better comfort

Wearing wet or soiled disposable underwear for too long can be smelly and a hassle, plus it’s unhealthy.

That’s why you’ll be glad to know Freedom Plus disposable underwear is constructed with a breathable backsheet design that helps reduce the breeding of bacteria.

Breathable backsheet means better comfort for you

So you get more security, more freedom and more comfort, too!


Millions sold worldwide each year.

Essentials 360 Freedom Plus vs. leading brands

Freedom Plus
Leading Brand #1
Leading Brand #2
1) Softest Comfort Waistband
2) Ultra Leg Liner
3) Dries fully in less than 50 seconds
4) Absorbs 28 oz. in less than 50 seconds
5) Stretch Fit Waistband
6) Comfort Fit Leakproof Leg Holes
7) Discreet Home Delivery Program
8) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
9) Never run out