Hailed as “better” than 
 Depends, Always and Tena 
 for keeping you dry
Urinary Leaking? Using disposable underwear and not happy with results?
“No-Leak”* Disposable
Underwear Has Users
CancellingName Brands
Gives you 45% more leak 
 protection than leading brand
 Absorbs up to 5 cups of liquid
 Dries 100% better than a major 
 store brand
 Ultra comfortable with 360° 
 Easy Fit
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*Many users report no leaks
Stay drier and more secure, day and night, with up to 66% more leak protection than a leading national brand.
3D “Leak Guard” Technology Stops
Urinary Leakage
New 3D “Leak Guard” Technology Keeps
Drier and More Secure, Day and Night
what makes  Freedom Plus , the “next generation” disposable underwear, superior to other brands?
It starts with its unique construction and stitching featuring new 3D “Leak Guard” Technology.
 Freedom Plus are specially designed to stop urinary leaking and keep you dry three different ways.
DRY 1: Stops urinary leaks fromthe bottomwith secure leak-proof cuffs.
DRY 2: Prevents urinary leaks from the side with a form fitting elastic shield.
DRY 3: Ends urinary leaks fromthe backwith a unique 360° elastic waistband.
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 Freedom Plus Works So Well Users areCancelling Other Brands
 Freedom Plus fits better than Depends or Always. No leakage.”
—Customer S.R.*
“With Freedom Plus , I have no more leakage. I’m cancelling other brands.”
—Customer G.P.*
“No leakage, cancelling other brands.”
—Grace P.*
“Tried most other brands, including Tena. These are better”
—Carla B.*
“I like your product better than Depends.”
—Richard G.*
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Next LevelFreedom
 Delivers 8 Superior Benefits
(and solves the biggest problems of even top brands)
 Freedom Plus gives you a new level of support with eight unique benefits…
*Many satisfied users have reported no leakage.
Unhappy buyers of
top brands report:
“Paper thin, no hold”
“Horrific odor”
“Leaks out of legs”
“Bunches up terribly”
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No Hassles…Delivered discreetly your front door—no shopping required
No Worries…Enjoy the best of life without fretting about leaking
No Crunching or Show…
So quiet nobody will know your secret
No Accidents…Maximum protection and confidence 24 hours a day
No Wetness…Breathable material for great circulation and fast-acting dryness
No Smell…Advanced liquid saturation means odors quickly neutralized
No Bulk…Superior form-fit & special softness means ideal comfort
No Leaks*…Up to 5 cups of absorbed with “Dry and Fresh Super Absorbency”
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Users Love Freedom Plus as“The Best”
More Sleep
 Freedom Plus is the strongest of more than six brands that I have tried. The most important to me is nighttime so no leakage occurs.”
—Hazel G.K.*
More Security
 Freedom Plus is so much better than those previously used. Fit better, hold moisture more securely, don’t leak or show.”
—Rev. Helen M.*
More Comfort
 Freedom Plus are very comfortable, soft and well fitted. No leaks.”
—Edith R.W.*
More Confidence
 Freedom Plus provides better protection than any other brand we’ve used”
—Neil S.*
More Freedom
 Freedom Plus has allowed my husband to feel more secure in public again.”
—Brenda J.*
More Savings
“None are as good as Freedom Plus . The fit is good, the quality is excellent, never a leak and the price is right.”
—Lynn K.*
More Protection
“I’ve tried nearly every similar product, andFreedom Plusare the best by far…protection without fail”
—Linda E.*
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More Time
“It is wonderful having Freedom Plus delivered vs. going to the store every week.”
—Lynda B.*
*Individual results may vary.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why are so many users cancelling other brands and using only Freedom Plus ?
A: They’re the perfect solution: No leaks, no odors, no accidents and great price.
Q: How does Freedom Plus compare to other leading brands?
A: Freedom Plus delivers up to 45% more leak protection than a leading national brand.
Q: How much liquid can Freedom Plus absorb?
A: Up to 5 cups of liquid.
Q: How good are Freedom Plus at keeping you dry?
A: They dry 100% better than a major store brand.
Q: Can I use Freedom Plus anytime?
A: Yes, Freedom Plus keeps you drier and freer day or night.
Q: How are Freedom Plus shipped?
A: In a plain, non-descript box right to your front door.
Q: What if I’m not satisfied with Freedom Plus ?
A: No problem. Your order is backed by An Ironclad, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you risk nothing. And should you cancel during that time, any FREE Gifts you’ve received are yours to keep.
Unlock Special $25 Savings
An Ironclad, 30-Day
Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re not completely satisfied with the protection, comfort and freedom of Freedom Plus disposable underwear, just return your most recent order within 30 days for a refund or credit. And any FREE Gifts you’ve received are yours to keep. What could be less risky than that? So order now!
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