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Several years ago, a business associate told us that the biggest need Americans would have in the years ahead was for incontinence products like disposable underwear. The store brands are insufficient and a hassle to get.

This hit home as my grandfather suffered from urinary problems, and our family was frustrated by the poor quality, high cost and inconvenience of getting typical underwear.

So we set out to source and deliver the “next generation” disposable underwear with the highest possible standards of quality, comfort, leak protection and affordability.

Plus, to make sure you never run out or have to rush to the store to get more, Essentials 360 products are conveniently and discreetly delivered to your front door.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so take the first step to no more leaking underwear …no more odors…or no more embarrassing “wet” accidents with Essentials 360.

— Essentials 360 COO