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Anti-Leak Channel Technology

Tested Skin “Safe”

8 Superior Benefits



Beyond outdated disposable underwear

Look Good & Feel Good With New Elite Fit Disposable Underwear 

New style offers you perfect fitleak protection…and skin safety

Looks and feels like regular underwear, fitting perfectly to your body

New “Anti-Leak Channels” keep you 25% drier than a top national brand

Dermatologically-tested and approved to keep your skin safe, even when wet

Available in two colors, tan or gray…and perfect for women and men

Anti-Leak Channel Technology

Tested Skin “Safe”

8 Superior Benefits



Enjoy a “Perfect” Level of Security and Freedom with new Elite Fit 

The “perfect fit” feels like regular underwear, yet gives you 25% more leak protection than a leading national brand.

The “perfect look” is ultra-discreet, with no bulk, sag or leaks, so nobody has to know your secret for urinary protection.

The “perfect result” is freedom to enjoy the best of life without worry of urinary leaking or embarrassing accidents.”

New Elite Fit, with “Anti-Leak Channel” Technology,
Rated #1 Compared to Depend, Always and Walmart Brands 

Elite Fit disposable underwear is truly something new because it’s engineered with a proprietary “Anti-Leak Channel” core to help prevent leaks.

The “Anti-Leak Channel” core is far superior to the traditional core because it… 

Protects better by creating a cupping shape that prevents fluid run-off

Distributes wetness evenly to avoid messy leaks, rashes or irritation

Draws fluid into the core to prevent urinary leakage

Locks in fluids to prevent any liquid from pushing back to the surface

Anti-Leak Channel Core

CHANNELS to avoid urine run-off

Traditional Core

RISK for urine run-off

What’s the proof that Elite Fit is superior?

Top Rated

Rated #1 for leak protection compared to Depend, Always and Walmart brands

Absorbs 25% more liquid than a leading national brand

Provides up to 12 hours leak and odor protection

Tested as “best” for absorbency before leakage

Chosen as “preferred” underwear in consumer panel test

Elite Fit Looks and Feels Like Regular Underwear, Yet with Maximum Leak Protection and No Bulk, Sag or Show

Could a disposable underwear actually be more form-fitting, more comfortable and more secure? You bet!

Elite Fit is a new sleek, form-fitting style that’s changing how disposable underwear looks and feels, offering you…  

A discreet, body-close fit so no one will know you’re wearing it

Full backside and center coverage leaving you confident and secure

Draws fluid into the core to prevent urinary leakage

Advanced softness that makes it a dream to wear

A perfect, smooth fit under your clothes

With the new Elite Fit, you’ll free yourself from outdated bulky, uncomfortable underwear and enjoy new level of comfort and security not found in typical disposable underwear.

This new design adapts perfectly to your body—looking and feeling like regular underwear—yet with no bulk, sag or show. Ideal for women and men.

Elite Fit: Dermatologically-tested as “safe” for your skin, even when wet 

Another reason new Elite Fit disposable underwear is a breakthrough, is because it protects your skin from wetness, irritation and other skin problems.

Its premium acquisition layer pulls fluid away from your skin faster than outdated brands, reducing wetness contact time.

Its fully breathable material is waterproof, yet allows air to pass through keeping you dry and comfortable.

Its soft inner lining will neutralize pH to protect your skin and reduce irritation.

The inner lining of Elite Fit is infused with skin-loving botanicals such as vitamin E, soothing aloe vera and calming chamomile

What’s more, Elite Fit is dermatologically tested and approved by Dermatest as “Excellent”…meaning it’s safe for your skin.

The end result? Elite Fit is the new disposable underwear that’s the ultimate in skin health and safety.

Elite Fit: Remarkable skin safety and protection from urinary leaking.

8 Superior Benefits Make Elite Fit a Quantum Leap in Disposable Underwear

Rigorously tested to be free of 350 toxic chemicals

Compare Underwear Performance: Elite Fit is Superior! 


First Quality

1. Engineered with proprietary Anti-Leak Channels core to stop leaks

2. Anti-Leak Channels core’s 2. cupping shape prevents fluid run-off

3. Anti-Leak Channels core distributes wetness evenly

4. Channels core features absorbent areas up front and center

5. Soft inner acquisition layers draws fluids into core to prevent leakage

6. Underwear absorbs and locks in fluids to keep you dry & comfortable

7. Provides up to 12 hours of leak protection

8. Provides up to 12 hours of odor protection

9. Dual leak barriers act as an additional wall of defense against leakage

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An Ironclad, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the protection, comfort and freedom of Elite Fit disposable underwear, just return your most recent order within 30 days for a refund or credit.

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Sizes in inches - M (24-36), L (Waist 34-50), XL (48-64), XXL (58-72)

Sizes in inches - M (24-36), L (Waist 34-50), XL (48-64), XXL (58-72)



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