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InvisiCore® Technology

8 Superior Benefits




Mild to moderate urinary leaking?

Newly Designed Escape Plus Pads Rated as “Better” Than Poise Pads and a Top Private Label Brand

Features “InvisiCore™ Technology" that stops leaks and odors four unique ways

Easily fits into your regular underwear for ultimate protection

Absorbs up to three cups of liquid to keep you fresh and dry

Delivers up to 12 hours of odor and leak protection

Now available in two lengths, Medium 12” or Long 16” 💥New sizes!

InvisiCore® Technology

8 Superior Benefits




The Next Generation Protective Pad with “InvisiCore™ Technology” Provides Discreet, Trusted Protection 

Escape Plus is a newly designed pad delivering superior protection from mild to moderate urinary leaking in four unique ways, starting with “InvisiCore™ Technology.”

Unlike outdated urinary pads, InvisiCore brings a new level of protection and security with…

Extra absorbent materials without added bulkiness for a discreet fit 

Added protection at the center of the core that quickly absorbs large amounts of liquid, protecting against gushing leaks  

The capability of absorbing up to three cups of liquid, locking away wetness 

Escape Plus pads absorb up to three cups of liquid 

Get next level protection and security with InvisiCore Technology in new Escape Plus pads.

Stay Fresh and Dry for Up to 12 Hours with
Odor Block Protection  

What’s worse than a urinary leak? A urinary leak that smells.

Not a problem with new Escape Plus ultimate protective pads.

Escape Plus’ Odor Block keeps you fresh and dry for up to 12 hours, meaning more freedom and confidence. 

Its unique Odor Block technology prevents odors before they have a chance to form, giving you long lasting freshness.

 Plus the odor control continues to fight odors once the pad is thrown away. 

I think Escape Plus pads are great, which is why I placed a second order. They do hold a lot of liquid and best of all, they definitely neutralize odor.

xSwift & Soft® and Aeroderm® Give You Ultimate Comfort and Circulation to Reduce Wetness and Keep Skin Healthy 

The new Escape Plus ultimate protective pads also feature…

Aeroderm®, a fully breathable backsheet which allows total air circulation to reduce wetness and to keep your skin healthy.

Too much urine buildup is unhealthy for your skin. That’s why you’ll appreciate Escape Plus’ unique design that absorbs leaks in seconds and keeps your skin dry for hours.

Swift & Soft® fast absorption layer give you the ultimate in comfort, fit and protection against urinary accidents.

Plus, the advanced soft material makes these new protective pads surprisingly discreet and bulk free, so they are not noticeable under your clothes.

Escape Plus: Hailed by users as “better” than Poise pads & a leading private label brand

Happy users of Escape Plus report…

“Soft and comfortable pads that fit well in underwear. Discreet and most of all, there are no leaks.” 

— Happy Customer*

“Escape Plus are the most comfortable pads I’ve ever worn. Wish I heard of them sooner. They are so soft I don’t know I have anything on, and very absorbent. Love these so much. Finally, I have a pad I don’t mind wearing at all.” 

— Happy Customer*

“Comfortable, long lasting protection, the best I’ve found.”

— Happy Customer*

“Very comfortable and very absorbent. I use them during the day for leaks. I feel drier and more comfortable than available equivalents.”

— Happy Customer*

“Best I ever had. Use one at night and one during the day. I like them.”

— Happy Customer*

“Got offer in mail and tried them. Great discovery. I feel better and safer, and will get them again.”

— Happy Customer*

“My husband has worn a famous store-bought brand for 27 years. I received a flyer in the mail for Escape Plus. They’re fantastic! They definitely hold much more and do control odor—which has been a previous concern with other pads.”

— Happy Customer*

“Love the length and the width is perfect for me. No issues with leakage. Soft enough not to cause the chafing I experienced with previous pads.”

— Happy Customer*

*Customers names are not shown to protect their identity due to the sensitive nature of this product

8 Superior Benefits of Escape Plus Will Leave You Drier and More Confident

Up to 12 hours of leak protection with extra absorbency of InvisiCore™ Technology 

Ultimate comfort and fit
With Swift & Soft® with advanced softness 

Up to 12 hours of odor protection
with Odor Block long lasting freshness 

Total air circulation and less wetness
with Aeroderm® fully breathable backsheet  

Individually wrapped
for discreetness and convenience 

Easily fits in your regular underwear
with adhesive tape.

Thin and discreet design
contours to your body for perfect fit

Now with two great lengths:
Medium 12”, Long 16” 💥 New sizes!

Home Use Testing Proves Escape Plus Pads Rated “Better” Than Poise or Private Label Brands

Women age 30+ suffering from urinary incontinence put three pads to the test at home to see which they prefer. The results? Eye-opening!

Overall Liking

Escape Plus scored “higher” than Poise or Private Label Pads

Overall Bulkiness

Escape Plus scored “best” vs. Poise or Private Label Pads

Comfort / Discreet

Escape Plus was “preferred” vs. Poise or Private Label Pads

Overall Softness

Escape Plus “just right” vs. Poise or Private Label Pads a “little too harsh”

Overall Thickness

Escape Plus “just right” vs. Poise Pads “a little too thick”

Staying in Place

Escape Plus scored “better” than Poise or Private Label Pads

Not Bunching

Escape Plus scored “better” than Poise or Private Label Pads


Escape Plus scored “higher” than Poise or Private Label Pads

Get the new, “better” protective pads: Escape Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Escape Plus pads different and better than ordinary urinary protective pads?

How well do they block odors from urinary leaking?

How do they compare to other pad brands?

How much liquid can Escape Plus pads absorb?

How well do Escape Plus pads fit?

Can I use Escape Plus pads anytime?

How are Escape Plus pads shipped?

What if I’m not satisfied with Escape Plus pads?

An Ironclad, 30-Day Money-Back “Perfect Fit” Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the protection, comfort and freedom of Escape Plus ultimate protective pads, just return your most recent order within 30 days for a refund or credit.

 You’re also protected by a “Perfect Fit” Guarantee. If need be, we will replace the correct size of pads you need FREE of charge. And any FREE Gifts you’ve received are yours to keep. What could be less risky than that? So order now!

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